General Terms Conditions

LENGTH OF THE STAY: The client contract refers to a specified and limited period of time and the client may under no circumstances claim any right to stay in the premises, whereby the e-mail of confirmation constitutes a contractual agreement.


BOOKING CONFIRMATION: Stays are only guaranteed by receipt of the down payment made and deductible from the invoice. The down payment is cashed in upon receipt.


DOWN PAYMENTS REQUIRED: A down payment of 30% will be asked of you when booking, and the balance 30 days before your arrival. A 250€ deposit will also be asked of you upon arrival; this will be made by cheque which will not be cashed in and which will be returned to you upon your departure after the inspection and inventory of fixtures.


CANCELLATION BY THE CLIENT: Any cancellation must be made by registered mail to the landlord.



  • If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, the down payment is reimbursed by the landlord.
  • If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, the down payment is non-refundable and is kept by the landlord who reserves the right to claim the balance of the accommodation price.
  • If the client does not turn up before 7 p.m. on the scheduled arrival day, the present contract is null and void and the accommodation remains at the disposal of the landlord. The down payment and the balance are non-refundable and payable to the landlord.
  • In the case of a short stay, the price corresponding to the cost of the accommodation is payable in full to the landlord.

CANCELLATION BY THE LANDLORD: Should the landlord cancel the stay before it commences, he must inform the client by e-mail or, failing that, by phone. Without prejudice to any claim for damages suffered, the client shall immediately obtain reimbursement of the sums already paid.


TIME OF ARRIVAL: The client must turn up on the exact date of the booking between 4 p.m. and

7 p.m. Please give advance notice should you arrive after 7 p.m. For arrivals other than at the time set above, the client must have the approval of the landlord (e.g. possibility of storage of baggage during the day + keys left in a small safe, the inspection and inventory shall be left to the tenant).


TIME OF DEPARTURE: The departure from the rooms and from the property must occur before

10 a.m., please book a 15-minute slot in the schedule, as it is impossible to deal with all the departures at the same time.

Inspection and inventory of fixtures: An inventory listing all of the property and fixtures and fittings with their respective condition is jointly drawn up and signed by the client and the landlord, this document constituting the only point of reference in the event of a dispute.


CLEANING OF THE ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation is cleaned in its entirety between each set of tenants. It must be left in the state in which you found it upon arrival. If, however, you cannot or do not wish to clean it yourself before your departure, please let us know at the latest the evening before your departure, in order that we may invoice the cleaning fee of 40 at 70 euros (depending on the cottage).

Prices : the prices are indicated in each description and correspond to the overall cost « depending on the number of occupants » of the rental of the accommodation for at least 3 nights from Friday

3 p.m. in the low season, from Saturday 4 p.m. to the following Saturday at 10 a.m. in the high season.


PAYMENT OF THE BALANCE OF THE ACCOMMODATION: The balance of the price of the stay shall be payable 30 days before your arrival.


CONDUCT AND USE OF THE PREMISES: All guests are requested to behave in a respectful manner to guarantee tranquillity in the premises and comfort for the guests. Children staying on the property are under the sole responsibility of their parents around the ponds, games and car traffic. We also kindly ask you to respect the plants and garden.


Assignment of the contract: the present contract is concluded in an individual’s name and cannot be assigned. Capacity of the accommodation: the contract is drawn up for a specific capacity of occupants, if this capacity is exceeded or duped, the landlord may refuse the additional clients. In this case, any amendment to the contract will be deemed to be on the client’s initiative and a price supplement will be applied.


Responsibility of the client: the client must provide a valid address and contact details in order to validate the booking and receive the confirmation; in the event of non-receipt of this confirmation, it is up to the client to contact the landlord.


French language: the parties agree that the French-language version of the contractual documents prevails over any translations thereafter into other languages.


In the event of theft: any object or fitting can be invoiced to the client if it has disappeared Use of the internet: You are solely responsible for the websites accessed with our equipment Rubbish bin storage area and recycling: A rubbish bin storage area is provided to collect your waste, please respect the way we recycle


ANIMALS: a pet is accepted if it is not aggressive, is toilet trained and well trained « and is not allowed into bed » whereby prior approval must be obtained. A price supplement and additional cleaning fee may be required if the premises are not properly respected. The animal shall not be left without supervision or let loose out of the client’s control. Insurance: the client is liable for all damages caused by him. He must be insured under a holiday rental insurance contract covering these risks. A certificate or declaration on his honour may be asked of him.


All of our buildings are, according to the law: NON smoking. Please do not throw your cigarette butts away in the garden.


General Data Protection Regulation: the CLIENT is the sole owner and solely responsible for the use of his data. In the event of a termination of the Contract, irrespective of the underlying reason, the data of the CLIENT, in particular his personal data, shall be fully returned to him. All of the rights of the persons concerned (right to access or rectify data, etc.) must be exercised by these persons directly with the CLIENT, whereby 123 Sologne undertakes to comply with any written instruction of the CLIENT. In accordance with the European and French legislation on private data protection [jointly, ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ or ‘GDPR’] we will treat as confidential the data of each client The present general terms and conditions are subject to amendment at any time without prior notice.


The acceptance and respect of these terms and conditions are deemed to be confirmed on payment of the down payment.


Olivier & Bruno